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Lila Teunissen

Lila Teunissen is a part owner and is married to Ken Fricke.  Both are Bismarck natives. Lila has had a passion for animals from an early age.  She constantly brought home orphaned and injured cats, birds, and dogs.  Her family encouraged her love for animals and she grew up with a dog, two cats, several parakeets, fish, hamsters, hermit crabs, and several fresh water aquariums. 

She joined the Army right after graduating high school and got her animal fix by pet sitting for friends as often as possible.  A good friend, Jen, really got her thinking about dog training and boarding when she introduced Lila to her well-trained and gregarious Jack Russel Terrier.  Over the years she has owned five dogs and has been wanting to open a training facility.  She felt her dream could become a reality when she met Michelle Thomsen, who was of a similar mindset. 

They both volunteer with the Central Dakota Humane Society and Furry Friends Rockin Rescue and are passionate about their own fur babies.  After many discussions and soul searching, they found a great property and have launched their new venture: Bed N Biscuit Ranch.

Lila has served in the North Dakota National Guard as a medic, active duty Army as a linguist and Medical Service Corps officer, and transitioned back to the North Dakota National Guard where she has served as a Medical Operations Officer, Deputy Director of Personnel, and Commander of the Civil Support Team.  She has completed her AA in Arabic, BS in Microbiology, and MBA.  The military has allowed her to travel to almost every state in the US as well as South Korea, Europe, Iraq, and Ghana.

Lila enjoys all activities that are outdoors to include ski-joring with Slate, hiking with both pups, camping, running races, and mountain biking to name a few. She likes to support local non-profits such as the Central Dakota Humane Society and Furry Friends Rocking Rescue as well as Wreaths Across America, Team Red White and Blue, and Rebuilding Together.

Ken Fricke

Ken is our facilities manager and part owner, husband to Lila, and played a major role in the design and construction of our facility.  He brings a diverse range of talents to our team.  He was born and raised in Bismarck, graduating from CHS in 1992 and from NDSU in 1998.  Ken is a Landscape Architect and Real Estate Agent and has experience with remodeling.  He has always loved dogs, from growing up with Boston Terriers and a stubborn Bulldog, to sharing memories with his dad and their English Springer Spaniel, and nowadays sharing his couch with his German Shorthaired Pointer.

Dempsey, Michelle Thomsen, Goose

Michelle Thomsen

Michelle is a Bismarck native.  Throughout her adult life she has left Bismarck due to her pursuit of higher education and her military service but she has always come home and values her ties to this community.

As a child there was always a family dog in the house.  The first she can recall is Lucky, a terrier mix, next came Chester, one of Lucky’s puppies.  Buster, a Boston Terrier and Hooch, a miniature Collie resided in the Thomsen home at about the same time and remained there when Michelle left for college.

Michelle graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice in December 2002.  In February 2003 she deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom I with the 957 Multi-Role Bridge Company.  In 2005 Michelle purchased her first home and her military career was not conducive to her having a dog.  She traveled often and sometimes for months at a time. 

In 2008 Michelle fell in love with Richard Hoffer.  Not only did he enter her life, but so did his rescued Boxer mix, Dempsey.  Again, higher education and military service took Michelle away from Bismarck.  In August 2008 Michelle entered the University of North Dakota School of Law.  She completed her first year then went to training to be a Military Intelligence Officer and deployed to Kosovo in support of Kosovo Forces 12.

In December of 2011 Michelle graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Juris Doctorate.  At that time she was able to move back to Bismarck to be with Richard and Dempsey.  In 2015 Michelle, Richard and Dempsey welcomed a Boxer named Goose into their family.  Goose had four previous homes that did not work out and Michelle and Richard were determined to make this her fifth and final home; Dempsey was skeptical.

In August 2018 Michelle, Richard, Dempsey, and Goose welcomed their first human baby, Isabelle into their lives.  

Seeing the health benefits of having a canine companion and the need for those canines to have good homes, Michelle now cannot imagine a life without a fur baby.  Understanding the need to help, Michelle has been a volunteer for the Central Dakota Humane Society for a number of years and serves on their Board of Directors.  She is also a volunteer for Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue.  

In her free time Michelle likes to support fundraisers for local animal non-profits, function as the Athletic Director for Team Red, White, and Blue, play volleyball, hike, and partake in 5 and 10k road races.